Lynchburg Cabinet Store: Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

What style of kitchen cabinets is right for you?

Well, first, it should fit in with the rest of your kitchen. Here at Kitchen & Bath Ideas Virginia, we want to help you choose cabinets that meet your needs and complement your overall kitchen design. That’s why we carry a wide variety of cabinet colors, materials, and styles. Whether you live in a traditional craftsman home or cozy bungalow, our cabinet store has a range of options for all price points.
Our kitchen designers specialize in paint, traditional, and transitional kitchen cabinet design. They are also experts in designing modern, contemporary, and rustic cabinet styles. We find that these styles are most popular with our customers and don’t look outdated in a few years’ time. These enduring styles give you room for creativity without being overly trendy. Keep reading to find out more about each style.


Traditional design uses a natural, earthy color palette, featuring browns, greens, and gentle berry hues. This design scheme steers clear of high shine and gloss, opting instead for rich wood and a refined yet rustic approach.

Traditional furniture is elegant and timeless, with an emphasis on carved features, solid craftsmanship, and symmetry. Traditional kitchen cabinets have an inset border, crisp corners, and classic hardware. They typically stick to a palette of white, cream, maple, or dark wood. Sturdy and dependable, traditional kitchen cabinets will always be in style. 


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Transitional design puts a slightly more modern spin on traditional design. Its focus is on elements that are simple, light, and warm. If you like a blend of old and new in your home, transitional is perfect for you. Rather than strictly sticking to wood, transitional design may incorporate contemporary elements, such as brick, stainless steel, and glass. Transitional kitchen cabinets may be slightly more sleek than traditional ones, with more creative hardware -- perhaps even industrial-inspired handles. You can dabble in styles like rustic, retro, or art deco while staying rooted in designs that will stand the test of time. 


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Some design styles focus on stone, glass, and metal, leaving paint an afterthought. We prefer to focus on the textures, patterns, and designs that paint can bring to life. Stenciling, mottling, and other decorative finishes use paint to add depth and texture to kitchen cabinets. Paint puts color front and center, setting the tone in the kitchen. Bright citrus elements can provide a burst of sunshine in the morning, or red floral stenciling can add a touch of romance. From matte finishes to pearlescent hues, paint creates warmth and softness.
Depending on their color and texture, painted kitchen cabinets can look great with any design style. See some examples below.
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