What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Virginia

Do you feel your kitchen has a “dated” look and feel? Are you looking to update your kitchen’s appearance without committing to a full kitchen remodeling project? If so, you might be thinking about refacing your kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them or remodeling your entire kitchen.

What is kitchen cabinet refacing?

Refacing kitchen cabinets is a process of replacing the doors, hinges, knobs, and hardware. Refacing also involves applying a thin plastic or natural wood veneer to the exposed parts of your cabinet’s frames.

Should You Reface Your Cabinets?

Refacing your Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners choose to reface their kitchen cabinets for a simple reason: it’s a lower-cost option, especially when compared to custom cabinetry and full kitchen remodeling. In most cases, kitchen cabinet refacing is about half the price of replacing your kitchen cabinets.

Another advantage is that cabinet refacing is a relatively simple job that can usually be completed in about a week. You don’t have to tear your cabinets out of the wall, move your appliances, and you can keep using your kitchen throughout the refacing process.

However, refacing your kitchen cabinets isn’t always the best solution. We’ve found that when our designers start talking to homeowners about their needs, it turns out that new cabinets often provide a better value and are a better fit for their needs.

The Advantages of New Cabinets

New Kitchen Cabinets in Virginia

If you choose to go with new cabinets for your kitchen, you’ll pay almost twice as much compared to refacing your existing cabinets. So what’re the benefits of new kitchen cabinets?

They’re simply a better value. You’ll get more for your money with new kitchen cabinets.

New Cabinets: Truly a Better Value

When refacing kitchen cabinets, your biggest out of pocket expense will be for labor, not parts and materials. Specifically, the time and effort it takes to remove and reinstall your cabinet doors, as well as the work needed to apply your chosen veneers. The majority of your money won’t go towards high-quality materials and hardware.

When creating new custom kitchens, you’ll still pay for the labor of installing them, but more of your money will go towards choosing the best, highest-quality materials for the job. You’re investing in high quality cabinets that will last for decades, not paying mostly for someone’s effort.

Plus the plastic veneers and thin pieces of natural wood used in cabinet refacing projects simply don’t look as beautiful as high-quality, elegant custom-made kitchen cabinets. If you’re considering refacing your cabinets, make sure you understand what the finished project will look like and make sure it meets your expectations.

Refacing Doesn’t Solve Every Problem

Refacing is a lower-cost alternative to replacing your kitchen cabinets or remodeling your kitchen. But there are a few drawbacks you should know about before you get started.

First, refacing offers only cosmetic improvements to your kitchen. It won’t solve any structural problems and it won’t fix a bad underlying design. If you’re having problems with cabinets that are too small, don’t make good use of your kitchen’s space, or don’t meet your storage needs, refacing your cabinets just won’t help.

The only way really make your kitchen more stylish AND function is to remodel your kitchen or completely replace your kitchen cabinets.

Not Every Cabinet Can Be Refaced

If your cabinets are older, the frames may be warped, water damaged, or otherwise unsuitable for refacing. If you try to reface damaged cabinets, you’ll end up spending additional time and money on labor to prepare them for refacing. That effort and money could be better invested in a set of brand new cabinets.

If your cabinets and frames are made from particleboard, refacing them can be tricky. Additional work will have to be done to make sure the veneer will stick properly. This can mean the use of extra fasteners or adhesives, both of which can add extra time and cost to what you hoped would be a low-cost kitchen cabinet refacing project.

If your refacing project is complicated by any of these factors, your money will be better spent on new or custom kitchen cabinets.

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